Many of us aren't getting adequate sleep. For those, who are having difficulty sleeping, they must act quickly and try to fix this - because there are serious long-term effects of sleep deprivation - from coronary heart disease to stroke, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer's disease.

Here are some of the tips that will definitely help you getting a good nights sleep

1) Relax before you hit the sack

Most of us don't get good nights sleep due to the stresses we carry from our day. It is important to find an activity that helps your mind relax. Like a warm bath or reading a book. It might be different for everyone, but it is important to clean your head space before you hit the sack.

2) Switch off from Gadgets - yes, your mobile phone, laptop and TV

Blue light is scientifically proven to impede sleep. So minimum of two to three hours before you sleep, stop using your gadgets. Watching too much TV, mystery/thriller shows - can also keep you up. It is best to completely detox from the gadgets a few hours before sleeping

3) Don't drink coffee after 4 pm and don't take a nightcap

Drinking coffee later in the day will definitely keep you wired for longer, so ditch that extra cup of coffee or tea. And definitely don't get into a habit of taking a nightcap to sleep better, it is scientifically proven that alcohol isn't good for sleep.

4) Make a route

Yes, sleep is a matter of habit, even if you are not sleepy, everyday shut the lights and go to bed at the same time - soon you'll see your body adapting and getting used to those hours. Don't break the routine often, once in a while, changing the routine is fine, but if you often break the routine for late-night-outs, you'll find struggling to fall asleep at the same hour every day

5) Don't watch the clock

Don't keep looking at the clock and dread its ticking hands, it creates 'unrestful' environment. Simply ignore everything and try to create a 'peaceful' environment

More tips

  • Ensure your room is dark (light doesn't come in)

  • Ensure you get enough day light in the day

  • Ensure you don't eat heavy meals at night

And if all this doesn't work - please visit your doctor


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